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Intentional Design Skeleton

No Slot:
Mardu Woe-Reaper (creature, small)
Adorned Pouncer (creature, small, double strike)
Avenger en-Dal (creature, small)
Magus of the Balance (creature, small)
Hallowed Spiritkeeper (creature, small, flying, vigilance)
Sunscourge Champion (creature, small)
Vesperlark (creature, small, flying, evoke)
Daring Archaeologist (creature, medium)
Angel of Sanctions (creature, medium, flying)
Glory (creature, medium, flying, protection)
Karmic Guide (creature, small, flying, protection, echo)
Mageta the Lion (legendary creature, medium)
Reveillark (creature, medium, flying, evoke)
Sun Titan (creature, large, vigilance)
Eternal Dragon (creature, large, flying)
Reya Dawnbringer (legendary creature, large, flying)
Disposal Mummy X (creature, small)
Icatian Crier X (creature, small, unearth)
Jotun Grunt X (creature, medium, cumulative upkeep, dredge)
Loyal Retainers X (creature, small)
Mystic Visionary X (creature, small, flying, lifelink, threshold)
Patrol Hound X (creature, small, first strike, madness)
Stoic Champion X (creature, small)
Auramancer X (creature, small, threshold)
Tireless Tribe X (creature, small)
Trueheart Duelist X (creature, small)
Valor X (creature, small, first strike)
Restoration Specialist (creature, small)
Ancestor's Chosen X (enchantment creature, medium, first strike, cycling)
Stonecloaker X (artifact creature, small, flash, flying)
Sacred Cat X (creature, small, flying)
Resilient Wanderer X (creature, small, first strike, protection)
Momentary Blink (instant, flashback)
Balance (sorcery)
Lingering Souls (sorcery, flying, flashback)
Sevinne's Reclamation (sorcery, flashback)
Battle Screech (sorcery, flying, flashback)
Increasing Devotion (sorcery, flashback)
Kirtar's Wrath (sorcery, flying, threshold)
Kirtar's Desire (enchantment, enchant, threshold)
Hypochondria (enchantment)
False Defeat X (sorcery, madness)
Thalia's Geistcaller X (creature, small, flying, indestructible, lifelink)
Seance X (enchantment)
Divine Sacrament X (enchantment, threshold)
Astral Slide X (enchantment, madness)
Astral Drift X (enchantment, cycling)
Rally the Peasants X (instant, cycling, flashback)
Radiant's Judgment X (instant, cycling, madness)
Feeling of Dread X (instant, flashback)
Descend Upon the Sinful X (sorcery, delve)
Confessor X (creature, small)
Breath of Life X (sorcery)
Nearheath Chaplain X (creature, small, flying, lifelink)
Hedron Crab (creature, small, landfall)
Deranged Assistant X (creature, small)
Snapcaster Mage (creature, small, flash, flashback)
Bazaar Trademage (creature, medium, flying)
Champion of Wits X (creature, small)
Emry, Lurker of the Loch (legendary creature, small)
Laboratory Maniac X (creature, small, unearth)
Waterfront Bouncer (creature, small)
Merfolk Looter X (creature, small, unearth)
Archaeomancer X (creature, small, threshold)
Undead Alchemist (creature, medium)
Vizier of Many Faces (creature, small)
Wonder (creature, small, flying)
Skaab Ruinator (creature, large, flying)
Mindshrieker (creature, small, flying)
Body Double (creature, small)
Glyph Keeper (creature, medium, flying)
Mirror-Mad Phantasm (creature, medium, flying)
River Kelpiie (creature, medium, persist)
Skaab Goliath (creature, large, trample)
Kederekt Leviathan (creature, large, unearth)
Vantress Gargoyle (artifact creature, medium, flying)
Nehazal, Primal Tide (legendary creature, large)
Sultai Skullkeeper X (creature, small)
Mental Note X (instant, flashback)
Obsessive Search X (instant, madness)
Thought Scour X (instant, threshold)
Visions of Beyond (instant)
Circular Logic (instant, madness)
Frantic Search (instant)
Intuition (instant)
Fact or Fiction (instant)
Gifts Ungiven (instant)
Mystical Teachings (instant, flash, flashback)
Dig Through Time (instant, delve)
Twiddle X (instant, flashback)
Familiar's Ruse X (instant, madness)
Brain Freeze (instant, storm)
Silent Departure X (sorcery, flashback)
Quiet Speculation X (sorcery, flashback)
Chart a Course (sorcery)
Compulsive Research (sorcery)
Deep Analysis (sorcery, flashback)
Mystic Retrieval X (sorcery, flashback)
Increasing Confusion (sorcery, flashback)
Rise From the Tides (sorcery)
Treasure Cruise (sorcery, delve)
Think Tank X (enchantment)
Back From the Brink (enchantment)
Secrets of the Dead (enchantment)
The Mirari Conjecture (enchantment)
Memory's Journey X (instant, dredge)
Careful Study X (sorcery)
Radical Idea X (instant)
Circling Vultures X (creature, small, flying, dredge)
Cryptbreaker (creature, small)
Gravecrawler X (creature, small)
Stitcher’s Supplier (creature, small)
Bloodghast (creature, small, haste, landfall)
Golgari Thug X (creature, small, dredge)
Rotting Rats (creature, small, unearth)
Big Game Hunter (creature, small, madness)
Apprentice Necromancer X (creature, small, haste, unearth)
Doomed Necromancer (creature, small)
Stinkweed Imp X (creature, small, deathtouch, flying, dredge)
Gravedigger X (creature, small, threshold)
Haunted Dead (creature, small, flying)
Hell’s Caretaker (creature, small)
Ghoulcaller’s Accomplice X (creature, small)
Reassembling Skeleton X (creature, small)
Mortivore (creature, small)
Sewer Nemesis (creature, small)
Bone Miser (creature, medium)
Chainer, Dementia Master (legendary creature, medium)
Cabal Patriarch X (legendary creature, large)
Corpse Connoisseur X (creature, medium, unearth)
Doom Whisperer (creature, large, flying, trample)
Sheoldred, Whispering One (legendary creature, large, swampwalk)
Syr Konrad, the Grim (legendary creature, medium)
Vengeful Pharaoh (creature, medium, deathtouch)
Extractor Demon (creature, large, flying, unearth)
Tasigur, the Golden Fang (legendary creature, medium, delve)
Gurmag Angler X (artifact creature, large, delve)
Sultai Scavenger X (artifact creature, medium, flying, delve, unearth)
Darkblast (instant, dredge)
Entomb (instant)
Ghastly Demise (instant)
Crippling Fatigue X (instant, flashback, threshold)
Makeshift Mannequin X (instant, madness)
Murderous Cut (instant, delve)
Reanimate (sorcery)
Unearth (sorcery, cycling)
Chainer’s Edict (sorcery, flashback)
Buried Alive X (sorcery, flashback)
Yawgmoth’s Will (sorcery)
Dread Return (sorcery, flashback)
Living Death X (sorcery, cycling)
Animate Dead (enchantment, enchant)
Necromancy (enchantment, enchant, flash)
Whip of Erebos (legendary enchantment artifact, haste, lifelink)
Carrion Feeder X (creature, small)
Gorging Vulture (creature, small, flying)
Zombie Infestation X (enchantment)
Tortured Existence (enchantment)
Grisly Survivor X (creature, small, lifelink)
Murderous Compulsion (sorcery, madness)
Psychotic Haze X (sorcery, madness)
Veilborn Ghoul X (creature, small)
Dire Fleet Daredevil (creature, small, first strike)
Grim Lavamancer (creature, small)
Dismissive Pyromancer (creature, small)
Goblin Engineer (creature, small)
Goblin Welder (creature, small)
Chandra’s Phoenix X (creature, small, flying, haste)
Countryside Crusher (creature, medium)
Seasoned Pyromancer (creature, small)
Squee, Goblin Nabob (legendary creature, small)
Vithian Stinger X (creature, small, unearth)
Anger X (creature, small, haste)
Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion (legendary creature, medium, trample)
Goblin Dark-Dwellers (creature, medium)
Reckless Wurm (creature, medium, trample, madness)
Scourge Devil (creature, medium, unearth)
Charmbreaker Devils (creature, medium)
Flayer of the Hatebound (creature, medium, undying)
Bedlam Reveller (creature, medium)
Cyclops Electromancer X (creature, medium)
Sand Strangler X (creature, medium)
Backdraft Hellkite (creature, medium, flying, flashback)
Burning-Fist Minotaur (creature, small, first strike)
Rix Maadi Reveler X (creature, small)
Anje’s Ravager (creature, medium, madness)
Skinbrand Goblin X (creature, small, unearth)
Firestorm (instant)
Lightning Axe (instant)
Ancient Grudge X (instant, flashback)
Desperate Ravings (instant, flashback)
Thrill of Possibility (instant)
Fiery Temper (instant, madness)
Violent Eruption (instant, madness)
Magmatic Sinkhole (instant, delve)
Faithless Looting (sorcery, flashback)
Firebolt (sorcery, flashback)
Flame Jab (sorcery, retrace)
Gamble (sorcery)
Magmatic Insight (sorcery)
Cathartic Reunion (sorcery)
Wheel of Fortune (sorcery)
Past in Flames (sorcery, flashback)
Throws of Chaos (sorcery, cascade, retrace)
Devil’s Play (sorcery, flashback)
Molten Vortex (enchantment)
Burning Vengeance (enchantment)
Knollspine Invocation (enchantment)
Flaming Gambit X (instant, flashback)
Book Burning (sorcery)
Fledgling Dragon X (creature, small, flying, threshold)
Swirling Sandstorm X (sorcery, flying, threshold)
Volley of Boulders X (sorcery, delve, flashback)
About Face X (instant, retrace)
Feldon of the Third Path (legendary creature, small, haste)
Seismic Assault X (enchantment)
Elvish Reclainer (creature, small)
Deepwood Drummer X (creature, small, madness)
Wasteland Viper X (creature, small, deathtouch)
Llanowar Mentor X (creature, small, unearth)
Fauna Shaman (creature, small)
Hermit Druid (creature, small)
Noose Constrictor (creature, small, reach)
Resilient Khenra (creature, small)
Scavenging Ooze (creature, small)
Werebear (creature, small, threshold)
Wild Mongrel (creature, small)
Avenging Druid X (creature, small, intimidate)
Eternal Witness (creature, small)
Splinterfright (creature, small, trample)
Terravore X (creature, small, trample, cycling)
Brawn (creature, medium, trample)
Centaur Chieftain (creature, medium, haste, trample, threshold)
Centaur Vinecrasher (creature, small, trample)
Masked Admirers (creature, small)
Gnarlwood Dryad X (creature, small, deathtouch, unearth, threshold)
Prized Unicorn X (creature, small, unearth)
Vengevine (creature, medium, haste)
Arrogant Wurm (creature, medium, trample, madness)
Golgari Grave-Troll (creature, small, dredge)
Kessig Cagebreakers (creature, medium)
Greenwarden of Murasa (creature, medium)
Honored Hydra (creature, large, trample)
Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar (legendary creature, small, reach, trample)
Shefet Monitor X (creature, large, cycling)
Krosan Tusker (creature, large, cycling)
Traverse the Ulvenwald X (sorcery, threshold)
Wildest Dreams (sorcery)
Grapple With the Past (instant)
Life from the Loam (sorcery, dredge)
Moment's Peace (instant, flashback)
Regrowth (sorcery)
Return to Nature (instant)
Survival of the Fittest (enchantment)
Sylvan Might (instant, trample, flashback)
Tracker's Instincts (sorcery, flashback)
Travel Preparations (sorcery, flashback)
Winding Way (sorcery)
Call of the Herd (sorcery, flashback)
Ayula's Influence X (enchantment)
Gnaw to the Bone (instant, flashback)
Pulse of Murasa X (instant)
Beast Attack (instant, flashback)
Savage Conception (sorcery, retrace)
Grizzly Fate X (sorcery, delve, flashback, threshold)
Spider Spawning (sorcery, reach, flashback)
Become Immense (instant, delve)
Seasons Past (sorcery)
Roar of the Wurm (sorcery, flashback)
Skarrg Goliath X (creature, large, trample, reinforce)
Hanna, Ship's Navigator (legendary creature, small)
Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun (legendary creature, small)
Prized Amalgam (creature, medium)
Psychatog (creature, small)
Grenzo, Dungeon Warden (legendary creature, small)
Wood Sage (creature, small)
Atzocan Seer X (creature, small)
Knight of the Reliquary (creature, small)
Mystic Enforcer X (creature, medium, flying, protection, threshold)
Soul Manipulation X (instant, flashback)
Enigma Drake X (creature, small)
Ghor-Clan Rampager X (creature, medium, trample)
Restoration Gearsmith X (creature, medium)
Avalanche Tusker X (creature, large, unearth)
Lord of Extinction (creature, small)
Ravos, Soultender X (legendary creature, small, flying)
Sevinne, the Chronoclasm (legendary creature, small)
The Gitrog Monster (legendary creature, large, deathtouch)
Iridescent Angel X (creature, medium, flying, protection, cycling)
Firemane Angel (creature, medium, first strike, flying)
Malfegor (legendary creature, large, flying)
Muldrotha, the Gravetide (legendary creature, large)
Debtors' Knell (enchantment)
Sedris, the Traitor King X (legendary creature, large, unearth)
Teneb, the Harvester (legendary creature, large, flying)
Charnelhoard Wurm X (creature, large, trample, unearth)
Tariel, Reckoner of Souls (legendary creature, large, flying, vigilance)
Reap the Past (sorcery)
Beacon Bolt (sorcery)
Heartwarming Redemption X (instant, madness)
Hypothesizzle X (instant)
Vigean Intuition X (instant, flashback)
Waves of Aggression (sorcery, retrace)
Worm Harvest (sorcery, retrace)
Grave Upheaval (sorcery, haste)
Spitting Image (sorcery, retrace)
Vengeful Rebirth (sorcery)
Godsire X (creature, large, vigilance)
Sphinx of the Steel Wind X (artifact creature, large, first strike, flying, lifelink, protection, vigilance, cycling)
Millikin (artifact creature, small)
Scrap Trawler (artifact creature, small)
Junktroller X (artifact creature, medium, defender, unearth)
Molten-Tail Masticore (artifact creature, medium)
Myr Retriever X (artifact creature, small)
Epitaph Golem X (artifact creature, medium)
Hollow One (artifact creature, medium, cycling)
Mox Diamond (artifact)
Lotus Petal X (artifact, dredge)
Chromatic Star (artifact)
Codex Shredder (artifact)
Conjurer's Bauble (artifact)
Shriekhorn (artifact)
Grindstone (artifact)
Terrarion (artifact)
Expedition Map X (artifact, threshold)
Altar of Dementia (artifact)
Corrupted Grafstone X (artifact)
Grinding Station (artifact)
Millstone X (artifact)
Runechanter's Pike (artifact, equip, first strike)
Crucible of Worlds X (artifact)
Desecrated Tomb (artifact, flying)
Bonehoard (artifact, equip, living weapon)
Grimoire of the Dead (legendary artifact)
Trading Post (artifact)
Chromatic Sphere (artifact)
Shard of Broken Glass X (artifact, equip, living weapon)
Elaborate Firecannon X (artifact)
Smuggler's Copter (artifact, flying)
Patchwork Gnomes X (artifact creature, small)
Academy Ruins (legendary land)
Ash Barrens (land)
Barbarian Ring X (land, threshold)
Barren Moor (land, cycling)
Bazaar of Baghdad X (land, threshold)
Buried Ruin (land)
Canyon Slough (land, cycling)
Centaur Garden X (land, threshold)
Cabal Pit X (land, threshold)
Cephalid Coliseum X (land)
Crystal Vein X (land, threshold)
Aysen Abbey X (land, cycling)
Koskun Keep X (land, cycling)
Castle Sengir X (land, cycling)
Wizards' School X (land, cycling)
An-Havva Township X (land, cycling)
Pinecrest Ridge X (land)
Horizon Canopy (land)
Cloudcrest Lake X (land)
Waterveil Cavern X (land)
Lantern-Lit Graveyard X (land)
Fiery Islet (land)
Forgotten Cave (land, cycling)
Gemstone Mine (land)
Hostile Desert (land)
Lotus Vale (land)
Irrigated Farmland (land, cycling)
Lonely Sandbar (land, cycling)
Nurturing Peatland (land)
Petrified Field X (land, threshold)
Secluded Steppe (land, cycling)
Silent Clearing (land)
Strip Mine (land)
Sunbaked Canyon (land)
Tranquil Thicket (land, cycling)
Volrath's Stronghold (legendary land)
Wasteland (land)
Waterlogged Grave (land)
Irrigation Ditch X (land)
Tinder Farm X (land)
Geothermal Crevice X (land)
Ancient Spring X (land)
Sulfur Vent X (land)
Blasted Landscape X (land, cycling)
Lotus Field (land, hexproof)
Archaeological Dig X (land, threshold)
Dakmor Salvage (land, dredge)
Terramorphic Expanse X (land)
Fabled Passage X (land)
Prismatic Vista X (land)
Traveler's Amulet X (artifact)
Evolving Wilds X (land)
Nomad Stadium X (land, threshold)

Generated Design Skeleton

CW01 — creature, small, flying
CW02 — creature, small, double strike
CW03 — creature, small
CW04 — creature, small, unearth
CW05 — creature, small
CW06 — creature, small
CW07 — creature, small
CW08 — creature, small, flying, evoke
CW09 — creature, small, flying, lifelink, threshold
CW10 — creature, small
CW11 — creature, small
CW12 — creature, small
CW13 — creature, small, flying, protection, echo
CW14 — creature, small, first strike, madness
CW15 — creature, small
CW16 — creature, small, threshold
CW17 — creature, small
CW18 — creature, small, flying, indestructible, lifelink
CW19 — creature, small, flying, lifelink
CW20 — creature, small, flying, vigilance
CW21 — creature, small
CW22 — creature, small
CW23 — creature, small, first strike
CW24 — artifact creature, small, flash, flying
CW25 — creature, small, first strike, protection
CW26 — creature, medium
CW27 — creature, medium, flying, protection
CW28 — legendary creature, medium
CW29 — creature, medium, flying
CW30 — creature, medium, flying, evoke
CW31 — creature, medium, cumulative upkeep, dredge
CW32 — enchantment creature, medium, first strike, cycling
CW33 — creature, large, flying
CW34 — legendary creature, large, flying
CW35 — creature, large, vigilance
CW36 — sorcery
CW37 — sorcery, flying, flashback
CW38 — sorcery, flashback
CW39 — sorcery, flying, flashback
CW40 — sorcery, flashback
CW41 — sorcery, flying, threshold
CW42 — sorcery, madness
CW43 — sorcery, delve
CW44 — sorcery
CW45 — instant, flashback
CW46 — instant, cycling, flashback
CW47 — instant, cycling, madness
CW48 — instant, flashback
CW49 — enchantment, enchant, threshold
CW50 — enchantment
CW51 — enchantment
CW52 — enchantment, threshold
CW53 — enchantment, madness
CW54 — enchantment, cycling
CU01 — creature, small
CU02 — creature, small
CU03 — creature, small
CU04 — creature, small
CU05 — creature, small, unearth
CU06 — creature, small, flying
CU07 — creature, small, landfall
CU08 — creature, small, flash, flashback
CU09 — creature, small
CU10 — legendary creature, small
CU11 — creature, small, threshold
CU12 — creature, small
CU13 — creature, small, unearth
CU14 — creature, small, flying
CU15 — creature, medium
CU16 — creature, medium, flying
CU17 — creature, medium, persist
CU18 — creature, medium, flying
CU19 — creature, medium, flying
CU20 — artifact creature, medium, flying
CU21 — creature, large, unearth
CU22 — creature, large, flying
CU23 — legendary creature, large
CU24 — creature, large, trample
CU25 — sorcery, flashback
CU26 — sorcery, flashback
CU27 — sorcery
CU28 — sorcery
CU29 — sorcery, flashback
CU30 — sorcery, flashback
CU31 — sorcery, flashback
CU32 — sorcery
CU33 — sorcery, delve
CU34 — sorcery
CU35 — instant, flashback
CU36 — instant, madness
CU37 — instant, threshold
CU38 — instant
CU39 — instant, madness
CU40 — instant
CU41 — instant
CU42 — instant
CU43 — instant
CU44 — instant, flash, flashback
CU45 — instant, delve
CU46 — instant, flashback
CU47 — instant, madness
CU48 — instant, storm
CU49 — instant, dredge
CU50 — instant
CU51 — enchantment
CU52 — enchantment
CU53 — enchantment
CU54 — enchantment
CB01 — creature, small
CB02 — creature, small
CB03 — creature, small
CB04 — creature, small
CB05 — creature, small, unearth
CB06 — creature, small, madness
CB07 — creature, small, haste, unearth
CB08 — creature, small
CB09 — creature, small
CB10 — creature, small
CB11 — creature, small
CB12 — creature, small
CB13 — creature, small, haste, landfall
CB14 — creature, small, dredge
CB15 — creature, small, deathtouch, flying, dredge
CB16 — creature, small, threshold
CB17 — creature, small, flying
CB18 — creature, small
CB19 — creature, small, flying
CB20 — creature, small, lifelink
CB21 — creature, small, flying, dredge
CB22 — creature, small
CB23 — legendary creature, medium
CB24 — creature, medium, unearth
CB25 — artifact creature, medium, flying, delve, unearth
CB26 — creature, medium
CB27 — legendary creature, medium
CB28 — creature, medium, deathtouch
CB29 — legendary creature, medium, delve
CB30 — legendary creature, large
CB31 — creature, large, flying, unearth
CB32 — artifact creature, large, delve
CB33 — creature, large, flying, trample
CB34 — legendary creature, large, swampwalk
CB35 — sorcery
CB36 — sorcery, cycling
CB37 — sorcery, flashback
CB38 — sorcery, flashback
CB39 — sorcery
CB40 — sorcery, flashback
CB41 — sorcery, cycling
CB42 — sorcery, madness
CB43 — sorcery, madness
CB44 — instant, dredge
CB45 — instant
CB46 — instant
CB47 — instant, flashback, threshold
CB48 — instant, madness
CB49 — instant, delve
CB50 — enchantment, enchant
CB51 — enchantment, enchant, flash
CB52 — legendary enchantment artifact, haste, lifelink
CB53 — enchantment
CB54 — enchantment
CR01 — creature, small, unearth
CR02 — creature, small
CR03 — creature, small
CR04 — legendary creature, small
CR05 — creature, small, first strike
CR06 — creature, small
CR07 — creature, small, first strike
CR08 — creature, small, unearth
CR09 — creature, small
CR10 — creature, small, flying, haste
CR11 — creature, small
CR12 — creature, small
CR13 — creature, small, flying, threshold
CR14 — creature, small, haste
CR15 — legendary creature, small, haste
CR16 — creature, medium
CR17 — creature, medium, unearth
CR18 — creature, medium, undying
CR19 — creature, medium
CR20 — creature, medium, madness
CR21 — creature, medium
CR22 — creature, medium
CR23 — creature, medium
CR24 — creature, medium, trample, madness
CR25 — creature, medium
CR26 — creature, medium, flying, flashback
CR27 — legendary creature, medium, trample
CR28 — sorcery, flashback
CR29 — sorcery, flashback
CR30 — sorcery, retrace
CR31 — sorcery
CR32 — sorcery
CR33 — sorcery
CR34 — sorcery
CR35 — sorcery, flashback
CR36 — sorcery, cascade, retrace
CR37 — sorcery, flashback
CR38 — sorcery
CR39 — sorcery, flying, threshold
CR40 — sorcery, delve, flashback
CR41 — instant
CR42 — instant
CR43 — instant, flashback
CR44 — instant, flashback
CR45 — instant
CR46 — instant, madness
CR47 — instant, madness
CR48 — instant, delve
CR49 — instant, flashback
CR50 — instant, retrace
CR51 — enchantment
CR52 — enchantment
CR53 — enchantment
CR54 — enchantment
CG01 — creature, small, trample
CG02 — creature, small, trample, cycling
CG03 — creature, small, dredge
CG04 — legendary creature, small, reach, trample
CG05 — creature, small, unearth
CG06 — creature, small
CG07 — creature, small, threshold
CG08 — creature, small, trample
CG09 — creature, small, deathtouch, unearth, threshold
CG10 — creature, small
CG11 — creature, small, madness
CG12 — creature, small, deathtouch
CG13 — creature, small
CG14 — creature, small
CG15 — creature, small, reach
CG16 — creature, small
CG17 — creature, small
CG18 — creature, small
CG19 — creature, small, intimidate
CG20 — creature, small, unearth
CG21 — creature, small
CG22 — creature, medium, trample
CG23 — creature, medium, haste, trample, threshold
CG24 — creature, medium, haste
CG25 — creature, medium
CG26 — creature, medium, trample, madness
CG27 — creature, medium
CG28 — creature, large, cycling
CG29 — creature, large, cycling
CG30 — creature, large, trample
CG31 — creature, large, trample, reinforce
CG32 — sorcery, threshold
CG33 — sorcery
CG34 — sorcery, dredge
CG35 — sorcery
CG36 — sorcery, flashback
CG37 — sorcery, flashback
CG38 — sorcery
CG39 — sorcery, flashback
CG40 — sorcery, retrace
CG41 — sorcery, delve, flashback, threshold
CG42 — sorcery, reach, flashback
CG43 — sorcery
CG44 — sorcery, flashback
CG45 — instant
CG46 — instant, flashback
CG47 — instant
CG48 — instant, trample, flashback
CG49 — instant, flashback
CG50 — instant
CG51 — instant, flashback
CG52 — instant, delve
CG53 — enchantment
CG54 — enchantment
CM01 — creature, small
CM02 — creature, small
CM03 — legendary creature, small
CM04 — creature, small
CM05 — legendary creature, small
CM06 — legendary creature, small
CM07 — creature, small
CM08 — creature, small
CM09 — legendary creature, small, flying
CM10 — legendary creature, small
CM11 — creature, small
CM12 — creature, medium
CM13 — creature, medium, flying, protection, threshold
CM14 — creature, medium
CM15 — creature, medium, first strike, flying
CM16 — creature, medium, trample
CM17 — creature, medium, flying, protection, cycling
CM18 — creature, large, unearth
CM19 — legendary creature, large, unearth
CM20 — legendary creature, large, flying, vigilance
CM21 — legendary creature, large, deathtouch
CM22 — legendary creature, large, flying
CM23 — legendary creature, large
CM24 — legendary creature, large, flying
CM25 — creature, large, trample, unearth
CM26 — artifact creature, large, first strike, flying, lifelink, protection, vigilance, cycling
CM27 — creature, large, vigilance
CM28 — sorcery
CM29 — sorcery
CM30 — sorcery, retrace
CM31 — sorcery, retrace
CM32 — sorcery, haste
CM33 — sorcery, retrace
CM34 — sorcery
CM35 — instant, flashback
CM36 — instant, madness
CM37 — instant
CM38 — instant, flashback
CM39 — enchantment
CC01 — artifact
CC02 — artifact, dredge
CC03 — artifact
CC04 — artifact
CC05 — artifact
CC06 — artifact
CC07 — artifact
CC08 — artifact
CC09 — artifact, threshold
CC10 — artifact
CC11 — artifact
CC12 — artifact
CC13 — artifact
CC14 — artifact, equip, first strike
CC15 — artifact
CC16 — artifact, flying
CC17 — artifact, equip, living weapon
CC18 — legendary artifact
CC19 — artifact
CC20 — artifact
CC21 — artifact, equip, living weapon
CC22 — artifact
CC23 — artifact, flying
CC24 — artifact
CC25 — artifact creature, small
CC26 — artifact creature, small
CC27 — artifact creature, small
CC28 — artifact creature, small
CC29 — artifact creature, medium, defender, unearth
CC30 — artifact creature, medium
CC31 — artifact creature, medium
CC32 — artifact creature, medium, cycling
CC33 — legendary land
CC34 — land
CC35 — land, threshold
CC36 — land, cycling
CC37 — land, threshold
CC38 — land
CC39 — land, cycling
CC40 — land, threshold
CC41 — land, threshold
CC42 — land
CC43 — land, threshold
CC44 — land, cycling
CC45 — land, cycling
CC46 — land, cycling
CC47 — land, cycling
CC48 — land, cycling
CC49 — land
CC50 — land
CC51 — land
CC52 — land
CC53 — land
CC54 — land
CC55 — land, cycling
CC56 — land
CC57 — land
CC58 — land
CC59 — land, cycling
CC60 — land, cycling
CC61 — land
CC62 — land, threshold
CC63 — land, cycling
CC64 — land
CC65 — land
CC66 — land
CC67 — land, cycling
CC68 — legendary land
CC69 — land
CC70 — land
CC71 — land
CC72 — land
CC73 — land
CC74 — land
CC75 — land
CC76 — land, cycling
CC77 — land, hexproof
CC78 — land, threshold
CC79 — land, dredge
CC80 — land
CC81 — land
CC82 — land
CC83 — land
CC84 — land, threshold